Who We Help

We help coaches, consultants, course creators, mentors, experts or any average person with a good level knowledge in any certain area. We help these people create an income of anywhere up to $30,000/month.

What We Do

We provide the people we help with the structure, systems, tools and guidance on how to launch and scale their online coaching business. We do this through our Sell Your Knowledge Mentoring Program. Our program is designed to maximise; profits, client results and happiness whilst minimizing costs, headaches and stress.

How We Do This

We do this through by educating and mentoring clients on these 5 Pillars:

  • Crafting a Good Offer
  • Simple Marketing
  • Clients On-Demand
  • Client Fulfilment and Success
  • Scaling

Before deciding if this mentorship is for you, we think it’s best if you book in a free 1 hour Strategy Session with us to discuss the whole process and to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

We only except a limited number of students and for that reason, these Strategy Sessions are subject to application.

To book your strategy session, click this button below:

Our Team

Nick Ellsmore: CEO & Founder

Norbert Farkas: Client Success Coach & Community Manager

Leon Tremlett: Client Success Coach

Contacting Us

The best way to contact us is via email – support@sellyourknowledge.co

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